Car Door Step up Car Doorstep Roof-Rack Foot Pedal Ladder Multifunction Foldable

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  • Folding Car Door Step: Can be foldable when not in use,the hook is retracted to reduce the space and is convenient to carry.This is small and portable,just install in 3 seconds, very easy to use.
  • Multiple-uses cardoor step:It is very convenient to climb on the roof of the car by using the pedal,such as smashed glass to emergency escape.Take the baggage on the car roof,Car washing,Car roof waxing care etc.In an emergency,the emergency sharp hammer can be used to smash the glass for escape purposes.
  • Protective effect of rubber strip:The part of the pedal contacting the car body is wrapped with rubber strips ,increase friction and protect the car paint, prevent the paint from being scratched.The tool can support up to 400 pounds for access to car rooftop or rack,can be used at will.
  • Non-slip footprint design:The size is 6.1*3.66*0.39inch,the vehicle rooftop assistance doorstep dimension is big enough to fit for all sizes of feet.The non-slip surface has raised lines, which increase the friction with the pedal,and the anti-slip effect is strong.More creative with footprint design.
  • Compatible car model:Our cardoor prdal works for most models of truck car SUV Jeep, RV with U shaped latch, please pay attention to the type of door latch.