Car Washing Bucket Bracket, Pack of 2 Diameter 9.25" Black

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  • SIMPLY RUB OFF GRITS: The radial design of grit filter insert filter can easily rub off any grit in your cleaning towel. It has 193 holes, no matter how much the harmful dirt and grit particles the towel has, it can easily filter dirt and don't worry about block.
  • SCRATCH FREE: The grit filter insert filter is 2.36 inches tall and has 4 quadrant, which can effectively segregate clean water and grit .Thus, it can protects your precious painted surfaces from being scratched and swirled during the wash process.
  • LONG LIFE TIME: The high-quality material (PP) provide the grit filter insert filter with great tenacity and stickiness, which ensures filter last for 3 years longer than the general plastic product. Besides, it can effectively prevent acid and alkali substances.
  • EASY TO USE: You only need a bottle bucket of water, and put the filter down.
  • Car Washing Bucket Bracket, Fix Impurities and Prevent Your Car from Scratches During Washing-Fits 9.25" and 10.23" Diameter Bucket,Black,Pack of 2 Diameter 9.25" Black