Closet Lights Led Under Cabinet Lighting (HSBG-1pack)

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  • 【Ultra-thin Design&More Brighter Closet Light】①Adopt a new design and production process, this under cabinet led lighting is only 0.35 inches thickness and almost as thin as your phone.The cabinet light contains 64 LEDs,The white light at 6000K is very bright,White light makes people feel brighter and refreshing, easily illuminate any dark spaces.
  • 【Advanced intelligent sensor】Homelife led bars motion sensor lights have 3 working modes: “AUTO”, “Always ON”, “Always OFF”. In AUTO Mode ( also call it night/energy-saving mode because they can only be activated in the dark), they will auto turn on when they smotion sensor then turn off after people leaving so these closet lights are great for closet/cabinet.
  • 【Energy Saving】The under-counter light fixtures plug in large capacity rechargeable battery, can be easily charged through USB, After 4-5 hours charged, these wireless motion sensor led light lasts for up to 5 hours under on mode and lasts 1-2 months under AUTO Mode.
  • 【Easy to install , portable】① The cabinet lights has a built-in magnet that can be absorbed on any surface made of iron and can be easily installed and removed by anyone without the need for tools.②The closet light use the attached 3M magnetic stripe to paste it wherever necessary. No wiring required. Very easy to install and remove.
  • 【Application & Sales service】Theunder counter lights are ideal for shelf, closet, cabinet, workshop, garage, stairwell, corridor, storage room, etc.
  • Closet Lights, Led Under Cabinet Lighting, 67-LED 6000K White Wireless Light Motion Sensored with Large Capacity Battery Operated USB Charge for Kitchen Hallway Stairs Wardrobe (HSBG-1pack)
  • LED Under Cabinet Lighting (6000K White Light)

    The under cabinet led lighting adopt a new design and production process. the LED lamp emits light on the side.the light is brighter ,but it is not glare and the light is quite soft.


    Under Counter Lights for Kitchen 3 Mode Switches: On-Off-Auto

    Motion Sensor:In bright light environment(daytime),the inductor will not be triggered and the light will be off,In low light environment(night),It turns on automatically if people passing by has been sensed, and extinguishes automatically 15s after there is no movement.


    Excellent Night Light

    Equipped high quality ABS aluminum alloy case with 67 bright LEDs, each LED light bar sheds white glow in dark places. Enough light to make sure you never stumble in the dark. Perfect to be a night light for daily use. Fantastic energy saving ensures an extra-long life for your light.

    How To Change Mode?

    ·Mode 1( Auto mode): In this mode, the light will turn on when detecting movement in dark enough condition. ·Mode 2 (On Mode): In this mode, the light will light on all the time. ·Mode 3 (Off Mode): Select Close mode and remain closed.


    Material: Aluminum+ABS LED QTY: 67 LEDs Sensing Range: 120°, 3m/10ft Power: 2W Operating temperature: 5°C--30°C(If it is not working in normal temperature, the sensitivity of the induction will be reduced or the distance of the induction range will be shortened).


    Under "Auto” Mode, the sensor for this closet light can only be activated in low-light conditions, It won't turn on if the light sensor has been detected by the enough light,Don't put 2 motion activated LED night lights too close,the light of one night light may cause the other not light up if they are too close.