Coconut Drinking Straws Biodegradable and Plastic-Free Straw Pack of 50

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  • NATURAL STRAWS: These natural, eco-friendly straws are made from fermented coconut water and go through multiple heat and steaming stages that dry, harden, and shape them for use. They are tasteless and scentless, allowing you to enjoy a biodegradable straw without changing the flavor or aroma of your beverage. Plus, they are 100% vegan!
  • BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE STRAWS: These are compost-friendly, biodegradable straws. Toss them in your garden or compost bin after use! Our coconut straws are a wonderful alternative to plastic because they are safe for the earth. Also, unlike plastic drinking straws, our eco-friendly straws contain absolutely no chemicals or toxic materials.
  • LONG-LASTING & FUN: Paper straws often become soggy and begin breaking down while you are using them, leaving paper bits in your drink. They also sometimes have a strange taste. Our coconut straws last for 3–4 hours in any beverage. They are ivory white and feature a fun textured design, offering a tropical twist on an everyday product.
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Our world-class team is passionate about sustainability and quality. We are proud to have strict manufacturing, quality-assurance, and quality-control standards in place for our trusted, exceptional products. Our products are so easy to switch to and so high-quality that you may not notice the difference between them and traditional plastic products.
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