Cooling ICY Towel, Bigger Stronger Bamboo Instant Ice Cool Cold Towels

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  • INSTANT COOLING EFFECT: Ucoola’s large Cooling Towels are made using Bamboo Microfiber, which makes them top notch. They’re thicker, softer, more absorbent, lightweight, breathable and durable. Each icy cooling towel is tailor made for sports minded men and women enjoying their fitness activity. The silicone pod, unlike PVC bags, will keep your cooling towel fresh and hygienic.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE AND PERFECT SIZE: Each ice Cooling Towel is a large 30cm x 100cm and comes in an Eco-friendly Silicone Pod. Simply moisten in cold water, wring, shake, wrap around your neck and enjoy the chilly icy cooling sensation against your skin. A simple snap or shake is all that is needed to reactivate the icy coolness. Some of the benefits of cooling towels help those when feverish, suffering from hot flushes, sweating due to sporting activity.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND BREATHABLE: Did you know that the silicone pod is a healthier way to dry your cooling towel. Our pod allows your ice cooling towel to dry quickly by letting the air flow through, eliminating those nasty musty smells and bacteria left by others. Ucoola bamboo cooling towels have a higher absorbency which allows them to stay icy cold longer without the soggy wetness of other towels.
  • EASILY STORE AND CLEAN: Lightweight and foldable make our ice cooling towels a breeze to store into your silicone pod. Simply clip onto your backpack, or purse with your carabiner when on your next camping trip and away you go. Cleaning is as simple as a light hand wash and then just simply hang your wet cooling towel outside to dry. Note please avoid fabric softener.
  •  Cooling ICY Towel, Bigger Stronger Bamboo Instant Ice Cool Cold Towels, Large 30cm x 100cm, Soft Eco Friendly – Bonus Silicone Pod. Premium, Durable & Breathable, Sports.