Cotton Pot Holder 4 Pack (4 Pot Holders)

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  • NO HASSLE ▶️ The advantage of the pot holders with pockets is that they can be quickly grabbed and used when you are cooking in a hurry and there is no hassle of wearing them and taking them off.
  • PROTECTED ▶️ It can be worn on your hands like an oven mitt, due to the pocket on the pot holder where your hand can go in and stay well-protected.
  • HEAT PAD ▶️ it can be used on your countertop as a heat pad, to prevent the hot objects from leaving burn stains on your counter surface.
  • DÉCOR ▶️ The Pot holders could be a part of your kitchen décor.Anyone who loves a classic style would fall in love with this set.
  • WASH ▶️ They can machine washed with cold or warm water.Do not bleach or Dry.