Crockd DIY Pottery Kit | Air Dry & Ceramic Clay Kit for Adults and Kids | Easy DIY Clay Art for Beginners | Home Craft Kit for Clay Making | Pottery Making Carving Tools |Starter Clay Pottery Kit with Manual

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  • CLAY: AIR DRY & CERAMIC - Your clay crafting kit is enough for 1-2 people to make a few creations each. (Think 2 Mugs and a Small Plate!)
  • TOOLS - Included in this Crockd pottery D.I.Y. kit are 5 custom wooden carving tools needed to shape, decorate and perfect your clay creations.
  • LEARN - The clay at home kit includes basic pottery instructions with easy hand drawn illustrations that guide you through making your first ceramic masterpieces. This is not just for adults, but kids who love pottery can easily follow instructions.
  • FIRE - Clay pottery handicraft instructions that guide you on your next steps to fire, glaze, perfect your pottery making techniques and get the real party started!
  • CONVERSATIONS - Our famous 'Clay Breakers'. Crockd DIY pottery activity is your conversation starter that encourage REAL conversations with your friends and family while you play with recyclable or bio-degradable mud. You'll laugh, you'll cry but it's all worth it in the end!