Deck Bird Feeder Bath - Railing Mounted with Seed Tray and Water Bowl Adjustable Clamp

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  • The llevantics clamp-on bird feeder & bath station has a total width of 42 cm. The round mesh seed tray and water bowl both have a diameter of 18 cm.
  • The installation is quick and simple by mounting the clamp bracket on the railing, no extra tools required. The clamp bracket fits railings with a thickness between 0.5 and 5 cm.
  • The bird feeding station is made from heavy duty powder-coated steel, which is rust and weatherproof, ideal for balconies, porches and deck rails.
  • The versatile feeder has a 360° rotatable frame which can be positioned at various angles. The birdseed dish and watering saucer can easily be detached for refilling.
  • Included in the offer is a Deck Bird Feeder with a mesh tray, plastic bowl and two S-hooks for securing birdfeeders on walls or hedges.
  •  1 x Rotating Bird Feeder (42 x 18 x 18 cm)
    - 1 x Birdseed Mesh Tray (18 cm diameter)
    - 1 x Water Bowl (18 cm diameter)
    - 2 x S-hooks (9.8 x 3.5 cm)