Digital Counting Speed Jumping Rope Counter for Indoor and Outdoor Fitness

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  • Skipping rope with counting functionBuilt-in chip, through the set weight and the number of skipping exercises, the calories burned by the human body can be estimated. Three skipping modes can be selected, free skipping, standard counting skipping, and countdown skipping rope. It is a high-quality weighted jump ropes for exercises!
  • Heavier skipping rope handleThe lack of falling hand feeling during the skipping process with a light skipping rope handle will greatly affect the rhythm of the skipping rope swing. Fmixs jump ropes for fitness grips each add 30g of metal blocks, and the fine lines on the surface effectively increase the friction, allowing you to exercise for longer while keeping your hands comfortable.
  • High-quality adjustable skipping rope exercise skipping rope, the rope length is 10.5 feet. Perfect for adults, adjustable length is suitable for youngsters to jump rope exercise. A total of 7*7 =49 0.2mm steel wires are used, which are twisted into a 1.8mm steel wire rope in 2 times, and the outer layer is wrapped with a 1mm PVC coating. Watch out for being bitten by the rope, wow, it hurts.
  • Happy, slim and free maybe you are still hesitant to find a sport to stay healthy. Rope skipping may be a simple, easy, and low-cost option. A variety of jumping methods, efficient and ready to start indoors and outdoors, may only lack a suitable skipping rope. Let you enjoy a happy, slim and free life! (with your family or friends, come on, jump up)
  • Jump Rope, Digital Counting Speed Jumping Rope Counter for Indoor and Outdoor Fitness Boxing Training Adjustable Weighted Jump Rope Workout for Men,Women,Children Cordless Skipping Rope
  • Handle material - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene