Digital Thermometer For Kids and Adults By EPRO | Non-Touch Infrared Digital Thermometer With Fast And Accurate IR Sensors

Digital Thermometer For Kids and Adults By EPRO | Non-Touch Infrared Digital Thermometer With Fast And Accurate IR Sensors

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  • Product description

    This brand-new Body Non-contact IR Thermometer is specially designed for taking body temperature of a person regardless of room temperature. It can record body surface and forehead temperature for infant / adult without contacting to human body.
    Laser Thermometer Features:

    1. Precise non-contact measurements: Hygiene free and recycle usage
    2. Built-in laser pointer
    3. User selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit
    4. Automatic selection range and Display Resolution 0.1
    5. Data Hold and Auto power off
    6. Selection for buzze
    7. Selection for body or ambient temperature
    8. Three colour Backlight LCD Display
    9. Memorization of last 32 measurements
    10. C or F free transform
    11. Automatic selection range and Display Resolution 0.1 Celsius (0.1 Fahrenheit )
    12. Automatic Data Hold and Auto Power off
    13. Set Alarm value (the alarm threshold default value is 38 Celsius (100.4 Fahrenheit )
    14. Convenient for household Infrared Thermometer
    Laser Thermometer Technic data:
    Model-: DT-8806C
    Measuremenr method-: Non -contract Infrared Thermometer
    Effictive distance-:5-15cm
    Accuracy-: Human boby ±0.2 Celsius /0.4 Fahrenheit | Object ±1.0 Celsius /1.8 Fahrenheit
    Resolution-: 0.1 Celsius /0.1 Fahrenheit
    Storage condition-: -25-55 Celsius RH≤90%
    Power supply-: d.c.3V2AA alkaline battery (not include)
    Power level indicator-: ndication for low power level
    Memory-: 32 sets reading recall
    Reading scale-: Celsius or fahrenheit Infrared Thermometer
    Automatic shut off-: In 10 seconds
    Dimensions-: 42.5*95*156mm
    Net weight-: 100g
  • NON-CONTACT & INSTANT 0.1 SECOND MEASURE: The non-contact forehead thermometer is equipped with the latest medical infrared technology with 0-8cm effective measurement distance (5-8cm is more effective). You just need to press a button when you are using this forehead digital thermometer, then it will provide accurate safe and hygienic measurement instantly within 0.1 second. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
  • MULTI MEMORY RECALL: This adult and kids’ thermometer can store and recall up to 32 previous readings. You can easily lookup historical data you need. Auto power off in 10 seconds to conserve battery power.
  • COLORED REMINDER BACKLIST: the easy-to-read LED display provides temperature readings in 3 coloured backlight with green, orange or red to quickly identify a fever in the dark. If the temperature is on the normal range (95.9℉-99.1℉/35.5-37.3℃), the LCD will show green. If the temperature is above the normal range (default setting of 99.1℉ / 37.3℃), the fever thermometer will emit a warning sound and the LCD will show yellow or red.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL THERMOMTER: This forehead thermometer Switches easily between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It can measure not only forehead temperature of human body but can also be used as kitchen thermometer to measure the surface temperature of objects, such as food, bathwater, milk bottle, pan or anything else in your home. Perfect for medical settings, schools, childcare, food preparation, etc.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: The touchless thermometer for adults and kids with ergonomic and non-slip design, comfortable grip for either hands, with easy controls for anyone to operate safely.