Silicone Ice Molds for Whiskey - W-Shaped Ice Cube Mold Trays

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  • - Big Letter-Shaped Ice Maker for Cocktail Glasses - Big Novelty Reusable Ice Cube Trays & Baking Molds - Craft & Bourbon
  • EASY TO RELEASE - The W / M is easy to release from the silicone mould. Just push the ice cube out from the bottom of the tray and it will pop right out.
  • GIANT ICE MAKER SILICONE MOULDS - These Letter W / M ice cube trays are huge which means your ice melts slowly keeping whiskey cold for hours in your glass.
  • W-SHAPES FOR NOVELTY FUN - These W shaped ice trays are a great novelty gift for Whiskey drinkers, Wine drinkers, Water drinkers and for gifting to Will, Wendy, Wolfgang and the Wilsons. An upside-down W is an M for Mum, Melissa, Michael, margarita and mojito lovers and the Maxwells.
  • PERFECT FOR FREEZING OR BAKING - Suitable as gifts, resin moulds, use silicone moulds for crafting, ice cube trays or just ice cube moulds, fill with candle wax and bath bombs.
  • USE INSTEAD OF WHISKEY ROCKS and whiskey stones. Gifts for men or women who love their whiskey.