Fabric Markers Pen 30 Colors Permanent Fabric Paint Marker Pens for DIY Costumes

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  • 30 VIBRANT COLORS: So many colors, so many possibilities! Try all 30 colors including bright red, plum red, purple red, water pink, pink, lilac, cypress green, turquoise green, old light green, teal, army green, willow green, pale green, purple, maroon, violet , Chrysanthemum orchid, red violet, royal blue, light blue, molan, orange, yellow, lemon yellow, red brown, chocolate, black, skin color, off-white and dark gray.
  • NEVER FADE-OUT AFTER 24H DRYING: Beauty fades, right? Not always! The professional-grade ink dries quickly and maintains its luster for a lifetime. Plus, it is safe, acid-free and non-toxic as well as ASTM D4236 certified. (For best results, we recommend that you wash fabrics in warm water with a neutral detergent.)
  • PERFECT FOR DIY, GREAT GIFT IDEAL: Why settle for generic when you can rock your own design? These ready-to-use fabric markers are just what you need to spice up T-shirts, jeans, hats, handbags, napkins, lampshades, linens, shoes, pillowcases, backpack and so much more.
  • MOOTH DRAWING TIP: Smoother lines mean smoother artwork! Get a consistent ink flow and let the marker make graceful swoops across the page for crisp, lovely lines. The moderately soft pen tips are great for filling in large areas of color or for textiles.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: For best results, store the Fabric Markers lying down flatly when not in use to ensure the colors are stable. To make sure they stay put, the 30-Color Textile Markers come with a secure, convenient storage tray so they don't move around or roll away.
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