Fast Acting Ripple Design Defrosting Tray, Quick Safe

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  • NATURAL - A chemical free approach to the design using the natural airflow to accelerate the thawing process requiring no electricity or power.
  • ECONOMICAL - Save money by defrosting foods and eating in rather than going out! The Defreezi speeds up defrosting time in a safe way so you dont have to keep risking ruining expensive cuts in the microwave.
  • UP TO 5X FASTER - The Defreezi is composed of a super conductive material which dramatically speeds up thawing time up to a possible 5x faster than regular defrosting!
  • EASE OF USE - The Defreezi is incredibly easy to use just place the tray on a flat surface and lay your frozen item on top, its that simple!
  • SIMPLE CLEAN UP - The silver coloured tray can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth and allowed to dry.
  • Fast Acting Ripple Design Defrosting Tray, Quick Safe Chemical-Free Thawing of Meat or Fish with No Power Required. - Silver