Fine Mesh Strainer Set of 3 Sizes Sifter for Kitchen, Stainless Steel Strainers

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  • Set of 3 Sizes Strainer: 4.7''/12cm, 5.9''/15cm and 7.9''/20cm fine mesh strainer provide various choices. The biggest one is suitable for hot food. The medium one can regard as a flour sifter to sieve flour. The small strainer is perfect for tea or coffee.
  • Premium Stainless Steel: The metal sifter is sturdy and resistant to breaking, bending, rusting or scratching, without film and coating. It can handle boiling liquids when straining hot foods, or used as a colander to wash fruits and vegetables.
  • Insulated Handles: The strainers fine mesh come with comfortable handles to ensure a smooth flowing cooking process. The handles are made of special insulated material to prevent your hands from burning when straining pasta, dumplings or hot foods.
  • Easy to Store: There is a loop for hanging built-in to the top of each mesh strainer. You can hang the set of three together for easy access, enough to store in any kitchen drawer or cabinet. These strainers are lightweight and would not drop.
  • Effective Straining: The flour sifter is made from fine mesh. This is especially helpful for sifting through dry ingredients such as those used for baking. It can also be used when washing fruits, eating hot pot, cooking dumplings and noodles.
  • Fine Mesh Strainer, Set of 3 Sizes Sifter for Kitchen, Stainless Steel Strainers Fine Mesh, Mesh Strainer with Insulated Handle, Flour Sifter, Ideal for Pasta, Rice, Tea, Spaghetti, Baking