Foot Shaver And File New Foot File (SET OF 3)

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  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Foot File with special handle shape fits human hands properly and super easy to hold and operate. Suitable for both professional and home use, perfect for removing callous, corn, hard skin, cuticle…
  • CALLUS SHAVER - Callus Remover is used for planing callus and moist skin on the bottom of feet, it comes with 10 free refill blades and 1 silicon pad which for replacing the blade safely.
  • FLAT FINISHING RASP - Coarse Foot File for shaving off callus from feet.
  • CURVED RASP - Smooth Foot File for smoothing and exfoliating dead skin cells of foot corner which the coarse foot files cannot reach.
  • Foot Shaver And File - New Foot File, Including Callus Shaver, Flat Finishing Rasp and Curved Rasp (SET OF 3)