4pcs Double-Ended Silicone Face Mask Brush Mask Applicator Facial Cleansing Brush Skin Care Massager

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  • These silicone facial mask applicator brushes are two sides design. One side for apply mask brush to skin surfaces, and the other end is a soft silicone brush head, for gently massage your mask into the skin, or clean the nose and face.
  • The silicone head of the cleansing brush is soft, does not irritate the skin and can clean the pores more effectively.
  • The silicone beauty tools are practical for body care, skin care and other daily beauty care, help you apply sleeping mask, clay mask, body lotion, cream, moisturizer and so on.
  • The double-ended silicone mask brushes can reach detailed places around nose and eyes, making your skin care easier.
  • The double ended soft silicone applicator brushes are lightweight and portable, you can easily put them in your cosmetic bags and suitcases without taking much space, suitable for home and traveling use.