Kinetic Hanging Wind Spinner Patio Indoor Lawn 19 Gauge Crafts Garden Ornaments

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About this item

  • Functionality; wind spinner has multi blades that turns in clockwise and counter clockwise when breeze up and gives continuously sparkling reflection when it turns with wind motion
  • Protections and sparkling display; each spinner is hand painted with UV protected paint to prevent fading in the sun; made of stainless steel and is guaranteed not to rust; sparkling coating creates a series of reflections coming in from different angles and reflected out in a sequence of sharp brilliant pulses
  • Practical anywhere; place the unique gift spinners on your porch, balcony, barn,garden, overhang, any spot that catches the sun and wind and they will spin and be beautiful rain or shine
  • Expandable hanging position;at bottom of spinner, design with a punch hole allows for hanging other expandable spinner or other decoration, with total weight limit of 6 pounds
  • Kinetic Hanging Wind Spinner Patio Indoor Lawn 19 Gauge Crafts Ornaments Gift 3D Outdoor Garden Decoration Multi Color Sculptures Mandala Fire Flower Gold 12 Inch
  • Swivel hooks; 2 Inch S Shape high quality rotating parts ensures smooth spinning rotating 360 degrees