Large Easy Clean Garlic Press, Black

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About this item

  •  Large Easy Clean Garlic Press lets you access the health and culinary benefits of garlic much easier and more efficiently than using a knife and board
  • A real time-saver, this tool eliminates the need to peel your cloves! Simply crush them with their skins left on. The large capacity sieve will accommodate even extra big cloves
  • Press garlic right into your salad bowl or frying pan, rather than struggling to prepare garlic with a knife and getting your hands all smelly
  • Ergonomic handle and unique patented mechanism helps you crush garlic with minimal effort. It's also easy to clean thanks to dishwasher safe design and removable stainless steel plates
  • Achieves finer and more even results than using a knife, adding a well-distributed flavour to any dish, especially salads