Led Grow Lights Plant Grow Lamp LED 20W with Gooseneck Clip E27 Full Spectrum Lighting

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About this item

  • ADJUSTABLE LONG NECK: The plant grow light's flexible stainless steel goose-neck can be rotated, which is very flexible, so you can easily control the angle and distance between the full spectrum LED grow light and the plant.Power cord is long with 2 meters, with Aussie power plug and switch,sturdy fixtures on the clamp, can be firmly clamped on 50-60MM thick desktop and indoor plant shelf, clip grow lamp is really portable also saving space.
  • NO INSTALL TROUBLE: This cultivation plant light can easily remove or install a new E27 bulb, not only solved the trouble of setup and inflexibility of traditional hanging grow light, but also the light clip can be reused. Well-built ,Flexible and compact for its size design, easy to install and operate,easy to move and safe to use. Even if it's your first grow lamp for indoor plants, you won't have any problems
  • HIGH CRI and LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: The cultivation lamp RA >95, which is close to the color rendering index of sunlight,makes plants more natural and realistic. Powered by an AC power outlet, the power consumption of the 20W plant lamp is extremely low, and it can save energy and power up to 70% compared with the sodium lamp. The aluminum case has good heat dissipation. Extend the life of light to more than 30,000. This Red LED grow lights has no flickering and stable quality.
  • 48 HIGH-QUALITY LEDs: Indoor grow light has full spectrum 4000k, wide wavelength range (380nm-780nm), soft and bright light similar to natural sunlight, has all the light that plants need, hydroponic grow lights promotes germination, growth, extra 660nm Red light helps in flowering and prolonging the flowering period. Photosynthesis led plant light support plants to grow too well and health