Liquid Chalk Markers (30 Pack 6mm) Pastel + Neon Chalk Pens

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  • 30 Colors - One pack containing all our Bright and Earth Chalk Markers - Use these Liquid chalk pens to decorate any Non-Porous surface including mirrors, shop storefront, whiteboard
  • The Ultimate Freedom Of Expression.  liquid chalk markers are widely used for chalk lettering, to decorate wedding signs, milestone boards, menus, LED boards, contact paper, car mirrors, wine glasses and coffee mugs
  • Made For Everyone - Whether you're a Teacher, Mom, Student, Artist, Kid, Business, Office or Restaurant Owner our color markers make creating beautiful messages effortless.
  • Comes Off Easy - The chalkboard ink pen is washable and will work on almost any surface! Will erase off non-porous surfaces; such as blackboard (wet erase), glass (dry erase) and Permanent on porous surfaces
  • Kid Safe And Odor Free - These erasable chalk pens are water based, dustless, wet wipe, non-toxic formula safe for use at home.
  • Liquid Chalk Markers (30 Pack 6mm) Pastel + Neon Chalk Pens - Erasable Dry Erase Marker for Chalkboard, Blackboards, Window, Bistro - 6mm Reversible Bullet & Chisel Tip