Magnetic Cabinet Locks Child Safety 41-Piece Kit with New Upgraded Adhesive [12 Magnet Locks 2 Keys 4 Corner Guards]

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  •  Easy Installation No-Drill Baby Proofing Locks to Childproof Cabinets & Drawers
  • ► ***NEW IMPROVED ADHESIVE (OCT 2018) - Most of our customers found the locks to stick very strongly, but a small minority of them had issues with the 3M foam adhesive not holding the locks/latches well enough on some cabinet surfaces. To remedy the situation, we repackaged all of our existing inventory with the stickiest adhesive we found on the market: ULTRA STRENGTH ACRYLIC TAPE in case the pre-installed tapes do not hold well enough on your cabinet. Note: Let cure 24 hours for best results!
  • ► ***EXTRA OPTION TO INSTALL (JUNE 2018) - Now with screw holes in all locks and latches for those that want to install directly into cabinets for maximum hold (72-pcs screw kit sold separately for $4.99). Follow our colorful installation instructions and easily install your locks and corner guards, with or without tools and drilling. This kit is the most versatile on the market and the best way for baby proofing cabinets and drawers.
  • ► AMAZING VALUE - 41 piece set is perfect for childproofing in your kitchen or other areas of your home. Includes 12 magnetic locks and latches, 2 magnetic keys and docks, 9 replacement tapes and 4 corner guards.
  • ► BRILLIANT DESIGN - Allows you to lock cabinet doors and drawers without changing the look of your kitchen. No unsightly hardware on the outside of your cabinets. Our customers really rave about these child safety cabinet locks. Since it also works as drawer locks child safety is guaranteed! BONUS 4 CORNER GUARDS - Protect your toddler against bumps and cuts by covering any sharp table or counter corners with this extra bonus.
  • ► 10 YEAR WARRANTY - Purchase with complete peace of mind. We provide an outstanding replacement guarantee and stand by our products so childproof your home today with confidence! With these cabinets locks child safety will be secured for many years!

    The 41-piece Baby Safety Kit includes:

    • 12 Magnetic Locks + 12 Latches
    • 2 Keys + 2 Key Docks
    • 4 Corner Guards
    • 9 Replacement Tapes