Meal Prep Container 1 Compartment [10 Pack] Reusable Food Storage Plastic Containers

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  • COMPLETE MEAL IN A BOX: Avoid the meals that just don’t fit in your muscle building diet. Instead take your wholesome meal with you while on the go. A practical solution to carry your food while at office, school, travelling or simply to have portioned and balanced meals.
  • LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY: This black container includes a clear, tight fitting lid so you can view the food inside. Its ample capacity can hold generous amount of food to fulfil your daily nutritional needs. Pack fruits, vegetables, nuts, dry snacks, main course or salad for tackling a super busy day.
  • ROBUST & SAFE CONSTRUCTION: Don’t fall for those flimsy and unsafe plastic containers. Made of sturdy and durable material, food storage container won’t break, melt or bend. Food safe material ensures that every meal you eat is safe, hygienic and healthy. Measures 22x15x5 cm.
  • MICROWAVE, FREEZER & DISHWASHER SAFE: Store your food in freezer, reheat in microwave and wash the compartment meal container in dishwasher. As simple as that!
  • COMPACT, STACKABLE & LEAK PROOF: Stackable, compact and space saving design will easily fit in your freezer, lunch bag or purse. Plus single section meal prep container has a leak proof lid which closes snugly to avoid any embracing spills in your lunch hours. Can be easily opened using convenient flaps on the corners.