Microfiber Dish Cloth with Poly Mesh Scouring Side for Cleaning Kitchen and Housekeeping - 6 Pack, Gray

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About this item

  • Microfibre (80% polyester and 20% polyamide fabric) and poly-mesh composite.
  • Effective cleaning aid for home and kitchen, quick drying, super absorbent, lint-free, no scratches, anti-bacterial, not mildew.
  • Complete cleaning - One side made of soft microfibre fabric with high absorption for general cleaning without damaging the surface of the appliances. Poly-mesh scrubbing side helps clean surface and adequate depth to remove stubborn stains.
  • Multi-purpose: suitable for home, kitchen, bathroom, car, as well as for cleaning dishes, baths, worktops, baking moulds, glass, stainless steel products.
  • SIZE: , 12inch x 12inch 
  • Machine washable, durable, reusable, most suitable for daily use.