Microfiber Dry Sweeping Refills Disposable Unscented, 36 Count

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  • Microfiber dry sweeping refills of MR.SIGA dry sweeping mop(B082DHPMCB). Unscented, 36 Count. Newly designed microfiber dry sweeping cloths with deep ridges allow for trapping and locking 3 times more dust, dirt and hair than common non-woven disposable cloths, which makes cleaning thoroughly and time saving.
  • Microfiber creates electrostatic charge in contact with the surface being wiped, which enable them to trap dust, dirt, hair and hold them. Great for quick cleanup on all floor types i.e. hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate etc.
  • MR.SIGA dry sweeping mop with disposable microfiber cloths provide superior cleaning experience on hardwood, laminate, marble, tile and leaves no streaks, definitely a quick and convenient way to handle your sweeping needs.
  • Ideal for using at home, offices, schools, hotels, gyms, vet clinics and more, picking up what brooms and dustpans leave behind. You don't need to wash cloths, when the dry disposable dusting cloths get dirty, simply remove them from the dust mop and discard in trash. Do not flush.
  • Microfiber Dry Sweeping Refills, Disposable Dry Sweeping Cloths for Floor Cleaning, Unscented, 36 Count