Nail Art Brushes Double-Ended Set, Nail Liner Brush (Black)

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High Quality Nail Design Brushes: The brush holder is made of premium alloy creating a comfortable grip, is sturdy, resistant well to alcohol, acetone, and nail polish remover. The double-reinforced copper tube prevents bristle shedding. Each brush head is equipped with a separate metal protective cover, effectively protecting the bristles from dust.
Easy to Use: The bristles are made of high-quality nylon fibers, which are flexible, precise, durable, and can be used repeatedly. Perfect for applying nail polish, acrylic powder, or creating intricate nail art designs. The covers with accurate size labeling provide access to the brush you need. With the included cleaning cloth, it's very easy to clean.
Affordable and Practical Nail Art Tools: This nail art brush set comes with a nail polishing buffer, 2 100/180 grit nail files, a dual-head cuticle pusher, and a polish cloth, allowing you to shape and polish your nails, as well as remove cuticles, giving you the smoothest nail surfaces before starting your nail art. Buy the most practical nail art tool set at the most affordable price!