Natural Cleaning Sanitiser Mop, Hand Held System for Home Use

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  • Sanitise Any Surface - Handheld spray unit for use on floors, windows, garment & upholstery and any type of carpet & rug; Great for those hard-to-reach places in the bathroom, basement, bedroom, laundry room, kitchen and even the office
  • The Power of S-Water - Create your own electrolyzed S-Water sanitiser with just tap water & table salt; It is a powerful, multipurpose cleaner that breaks down grime and grease, and eliminates most germs & bacteria*
  • Heavy-Duty Tech - The H2O e3 eActivator breaks apart water and salt molecules to form two new powerful oxidants; It is one of the best liquid cleaners available
  • Fresh, Effective & Eco-Safe - Natural, chemical-free Cleaning deodoriser and sanitiser; An economical way to make your own cleaning solution for just pennies, and it’s safe for your family, pets and the environment
  • What You Get - Natural Cleaning System includes eActivator; eSprayer; eMop; Double-Sided Microfibre Cloth for eMop; 2 Mini Sprayers; eSqueegee; Measuring Spoon; AC Adaptor
  • Natural Cleaning Sanitiser Mop, Hand Held System for Home Use, with 9 Piece Accessory Kit