Outline Marker 6ct Metallic Outline Paint Markers

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  • METALLIC 2 TONE: Crayola Signature Metallic Outline Markers offer dazzling metallic effects and colourful outlines in a single stroke!
  • COLOURS: Crayola Signature metallic Outline Markers colours include Red, Hot Magenta, Green, Azure, Blue Violet and Black.
  • CRAFT: The Signature Metallic Paint Markers are the perfect tool for hand-lettering and writing projects that require an extra flourish of colour and crispness.
  • GIFT: This Set of Crayola Signature Metallic Outline Paint Markers makes the perfect gift for anyone that loves to create unique art! Great for Birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. Pair it with other Crayola Signature products to make this gift extra special!
  • SAFE: Safe & Non-Toxic. Suitable for kids aged 6+
  • Outline Marker 6ct Metallic Outline Paint Markers, 2 colours in one stroke, Outlining Detail Perfect for Lettering, 6 Different Liquid Metallic Colours, Metallic, (58 6701)