Pack of 300 Glowing Stars & Moon Fluorescent Ceiling Stars for Kids

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  • CREATE A STARRY NIGHT SKY — Bring the beauty of a star-studded sky into your own home! These stars glow with a bright, lingering luminescence that makes them an enchanting way to decorate ceilings, light up your nursery or sooth your child to sleep.
  • BRIGHT, LONG-LASTING GLOW — We designed these glow in the dark stars to provide a soothing glow for 3-4 hours, just long enough to sooth your child (or yourself!) into a peaceful night’s sleep. Recharge them during the day by flipping the lights on!
  • COMPLETE STAR SET — This set includes 300 stars, one crescent moon and an ample supply of special adhesive putty for glow stars. Create glow in the dark galaxies and constellations on your ceiling, decorate your nursery or make holiday decorations!
  • EASY TO USE & REMOVE — Keep this glow moon and stars set firmly in place with the included adhesive putty. When it’s time to take them down, just twist them gently off and you’ll find a clean, residue-free surface underneath!
  • OUR QUALITY PROMISE — Tired of low-luminescence stars that quickly loose their glow or adhesive putty that just won’t stick? These ceiling stars and moon are designed to provide a bright, long lasting glow, so you can enjoy hours of twinkling lights!