Playstation 5 Vertical Stand Cooling/Charging Station

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  • 【Multi-Functionl Charging Dock】Charging stand for your PS5 Digital Edition & Ultra HD game console, built in 2 cooling fans, charging dock for 2 PS5 controllers, 3 USB hubs to expand the USB function, game storage rack for your game cards. Great way to organize and charge your gaming system at the same time. (Controllers and console no included.)
  • 【Efficient Cooling System】 The fans really help keep it cool when gaming or streaming. The cooling fans, 3000PRN, with power botton, it can quickly and effectively heat your Playstation 5 game console
  • 【Storage for PS5 Accessoriess】With retraction game disc box stroage bracket, it can store 14 game disc boxes. Included 2 charging docks, which can charge and storage 2 PS5 controllers at the same time.
  • 【Charging indicator】 With charging indicator light for PS5 controller,red light when charging and green light after full charge
  • 【3 Extra USB Hub Ports】3 Extra USB Hub Ports USB ports allow you to connect mouse, keyboard and other USB devices. Good amount of space to store games on the side.
  • Playstation 5 Vertical Stand Cooling/Charging Station for PS5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD Console with Dual Controller Charger and Bonus Game Rack Storage 3 USB Ports for PS5 and DualSense