Portable Convection Heater, White

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  • 2000W Maximum Power: Ideal for spot heating as it provides instant warmth, with a 1 Year DeLonghi Warranty
  • Adjustable room thermostat, to select and maintain the desired temperature with three heat settings for added versatility
  • Wall mountable in addition to traditional free standing use, the HCM2030 heater can be installed as fixed heating appliance
  • Safety Features include: Overheating safety thermal cut-off, Automatic tilt switch, Anti-frost function, Double insulation
  • Convection Heaters pass air over an electrical element. As the hot air rises it is replaced by colder air which is heated in turn. This convection circulation naturally warms the surrounding area. Models also feature double fans to speed up this process.
  • Portable Convection Heater, 2000W, HCM2030, White