Premium Bamboo Hooded Baby Bath Towels with Bonus Washcloth Set (Extra Large)

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  • ❤ A PROVEN SOLUTION TO INDUCE BABY SLEEP: After coming out of a warm bath a baby's temperature starts to cool which can help your infant fall asleep more easily. Our EXTRA LARGE Bamboo Baby Towel has been PROVEN TO PREVENT CHILLS by keeping your baby warm and snug after a warm bath which can AID AND INDUCE RESTFUL SLEEP.
  • ❤ INVEST IN A SUPERIOR TOWEL WITH THE PROVEN NATURAL BENEFITS OF BAMBOO: Unlike cheaper, inferior materials our Bamboo Hooded Baby Bath Towel and Bonus Washcloth are made from 100% Natural Bamboo which makes them both DURABLE and LONG LASTING. As our Hooded Baby Bath Towel is EXTRA LARGE at 90cm x 90cm it is a SUPERIOR INVESTMENT which can be used for a Newborn or Toddler to approx. Age 7. 
  • ❤ THE SOLUTION FOR SENSITIVE SKIN & ECZEMA : Our Bamboo Hooded Baby Bath Towels are HYPOALLERGENIC and CPC (Children’s Product Certificate) Certified. They are EXTRA SILKY SOFT on newborn, allergic and sensitive skin especially as they are made purely from bamboo without any other blends. This is what truly makes them a great choice for most parents struggling with baby sensitive skin.
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