Resistance Bands Exercise Bands Skin-Friendly Premium Power Body Booty Bands

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  • 【Thickened, Non Slip and High Resistant】 WELUV Exercise Bands is a high-quality resistant band made of high quality sort fabric mixed with environmentally friendly latex materials, will not hurt your skin. The anti-skid rubber layer on the inside, increased the resistance and the elasticity of the band.
  • 【Suitable for Variety of Exercises】The resistant band assists you in different exercises and is suitable for a variety of exercise: Supine, CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts. We highly recommend our booty band to help you get your perfect body and legs faster.
  • 【Shape A perfect Body】 The resistance bands are designed specifically for your physical exercise, can get a perfect peach booty or an excellent base for an hourglass figure, you are now welcomed as long as you stick with it!
  • 【Perfect Set of 3 size】The resistant band is easy to use and comes in different sizes and strength levels. It comes in three variations; light, medium and heavy. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the band being too stretchy or too hard as you can get your ideal size and strength level from our 3 variations.
  • 【Portable and Easy Carry】The resistant band is portable and come with a mash bag for you to carry it to anywhere, a good partner on vacation, fitness room and at home. Do not hesitation to contact us if any questions please.