Saim Pet Teepee Dog Cat Bed Portable Cotton Canvas Tent with Cushion Blackboard Pet Cat Supplies Puppy Little House Quickly Assembled Disassembled

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  • Cotton canvas tent is durable. It can be easily disassembled for cleaning or machine washing, and it is also convenient for you to travel.
  • Give your good friend a comfortable and warm Little House. It will be very happy, this is a good gift for your pet.
  • Teepee Size measures 24" tall, 20" diameter, small size ideal for pets up to 7kg/15lbs. Please choose a suitable tent for your friends.
  • This is a beautiful tent, like an ornament, you and your pet will like it, can be perfectly integrated into your home.
  • If your pet friend doesn't have a dedicated rest bed, our teepee is very good, there is a very thick cotton cushion (Winter is coming).
  • The durable Cotton canvas and the sturdy 5 pine wooden poles form the solid pet teepee.
    The cotton cushion brings warmth and comfort to your pet.
    The name of the tent can be written on the Small Blackboard.
    The perfect home! Pets love their own space

    Material: Cotton Canvas
    Size (approx): 24 inch tall, 20 inch diameter
    Package include:
    1 x Cotton Canvas Tent
    5 x Pine Wooden Poles
    1 x Cotton Cushion
    1 x Small Blackboard
    1 x Assembly Instructions