Self Watering Planter Leak Proof Pot Stylish Decorative Band Stand for Home

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  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Our in-house planter designs are fashionable, flexible & functional. Inspired to complement modern home decor and architectural styles including Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco and Modern Contemporary Design. A self watering modern metal planter that is a design feature for your home.
  • SELF WATERING SIMPLICITY: The self-watering polypropylene insert sits inside the leak proof aluminum pot to make an elevated water reservoir. Purpose designed legs allow soil to naturally draw up moisture as needed and ventilation holes circulate oxygen through the soil to keep your plants healthy. A great choice if you are looking for a self watering planters for indoor plants that combine function and style.
  • YOUR STYLING CHOICES. The flexible design gives you the ability to move the decorative solid aluminum band to the top or the bottom of the pot, or even use it as a stand, to enhance the look and proportions of the plant arrangement. Can be used as a striking herb planter, flower pot or even a place for your artificial plants. Comes packaged in a gift box.
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: The pot and unique decorative band are each manufactured from a solid piece of aluminum, making them strong and rust free. The pots are then powdercoated and the band is anodized for a beautiful, lasting finish. Unlike galvanized planters, Aluminum is naturally rustproof
  • THE GIFT OF A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER HOME. Gift boxed in recyclable packaging with planting, styling and care instructions. Indulge yourself, or a friend, with a gift that brings beauty, health and joy to your home. Self watering pots for indoor plants combine ease of use, function and style.