Smart Bulb E27

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  • 16M+ Colors- Virtually limitless color options. Choose a favorite vibrant color or create Color Scenes to fill your room with deeply saturated hues.
  • Circadian Lighting- Enjoy increased productivity and comfort with lights that change color temperatures to complement your body's natural clock.
  • Vivid Whites- The brightest white lighting with extended temperature range from the coolest to warmest whites.
  • Thread-Enabled- Low latency with improved connection reliability and range, with a compatible border router (for example, Apple HomePod mini).
  • Customized Schedules- Wake up naturally to sunrise colors or set other automations in the Nanoleaf App (requires Thread). Also possible with Apple HomeKit or Google Home Schedules.
  • Flexible Control- Personalize your lights with the App (iOS or Android), or control with your voice. Also compatible with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Thread Technology.