Sock Laundry Tool & Storage Hanger for Washing Drying & Storing Paired Socks

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE: SockDock, our patented sock laundry tool & storage hanger, enables you to wash, dry, and store paired socks! *SAVES TIME: Socks never separate from their mate, so you never have to sort, match, or search for socks. *SAVES MONEY: Socks remain in pairs so there are no lost or missing single socks to replace. *SAVES SPACE: Clean socks hang in closet which frees up space in the sock drawer. *SAVES RELATIONSHIPS: Less work on laundry day = HAPPY FAMILIES!
  • FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our patented foot-shaped hanger will hang anywhere. Hang SockDock with dirty socks on your laundry hamper or doorknob; and hang SockDock with clean socks in your closet. Keep your socks organized and paired together for the life of the socks.
  • CAPACITY: 2 SockDocks included (1 for clean socks, 1 for dirty socks). Each SockDock holds 9 pairs of socks. Dimensions: 29.5” x 2.7” x 0.6”. Also works with masks, headbands, gloves, scarves, onesies, mittens, underwear, bras, lingerie, panties, delicates, and undergarments. Available in these fun colors: BLUE, RED, PINK, DARK BLUE, & BLUE/YELLOW.
  • SIMPLE & EASY TO USE: Our cool organizing laundry accessory is fun for all ages to keep socks neat & tidy. Teaches kids responsibility & improves fine motor skills. Best gadget gift for student in college dorm room and apartment. Perfect for travel, RV camping & campers. Works with all size socks - adult, kid, baby, toddler, boy, girl, men & women including no show, low cut, ankle, dress, and athletic socks.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: SockDock is Washer & Dryer safe and has been tested and certified by Bureau Veritas Laboratories for all front load and top load washers & dryers. We want you to be extremely happy with SockDock, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason at any time, please let me know and I will do whatever it takes to make it right. Kevin@SockDock.com