Soft Touch, Non-Slip Fabric Loop Exercise Booty and Leg Resistance Bands

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  • Untamed Booty Bands are cost effective, easy to carry when you travel and very convenient if you work out from home. You can replicate all weight lifting workouts with the body band or make the existing one even more effective.
  • Inside package: Three fabric booty resistance bands (Light, Medium, Hard) With Transparent carry bag. Highest quality material in the market.
  • Size: Untamed booty bands are all the same size. The resistance varies in fabric to change the band strength levels. each one size is 75cm x 8cm x 4 mm
  • Strength: Light (light grey) up to 12 kg, Medium (grey) up to 16 kg, Heavy (Black) up to 25 kg. You can mix bands to get higher strength. For example, if you use black and grey together, you get 41 kg strength.
  • Material: Polyester fabric covering Latex inner layer. Cotton fabric cover on both sides of the bands to prevent slipping. Hand washable.
  • Durability: They will NEVER break, so you will NEVER pay for replacements. Made from strong material that built to last.
  • Comfort: Cotton finish feels soft against your skin, no digging in, pinching or pulling hairs.
  • No Rolling: With thick width and inner grip strips, Untamed booty bands never roll during workout. They stay in place during ALL exercises.