SunBite Silicone Ice Cube Trays Set of 2

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  • Square Ice Cube Mold and Sphere Ice Ball Maker - Ice Cube Moulds for Whiskey,Cocktails and More - Chocolate & Sweet Moulds - BPA Free & Non-toxid - Flexible and Durable
  • MULTIPLE USE,MAGNIFICENT RESULTS 💯 Do not limit yourself! You can make your favorite flavors yourself with these ice trays.Our ice cube trays will be an indispensable part of your kitchen as it use at a temperature of -40F- +250 degrees.Not only water you can but also use it to make mini treats(chocolate,puding,coffee,milk and sugar cubes…etc).As the ice expands when it frozen we highly recommend you to fill 90% of the slots.
  • IDEAL ICE SIZES 🧊 You can get 4pieces of sphere ice ball and 15pieces of ice cubes in one go.Each sphere of ice measures 1.7 inches in a diameter and each ice cube measures 1.2 *1.2 inches.With ice of this size,it cools your drink immediately while you are enjoy the moment.Especially big sized sphere cubes and ice balls perfect for whiskey,coctails or other mixed drinks.
  • BPA FREE and NON-TOXIC 💚 We care about your health and we prioritize it.Since our silicone ice molds do not contain any toxic substances and BPA,you can use them in your tea and food with piece of mind. With these ice cubes, you can be confident that you will enjoy pure and clear water.
  • FLEXIBLE and DURABLE 🛡️ Ordinary hard plastic ice cube trays, thanks to its non-stick design and silicone construction it is very easy to use and can be done by anyone.Simply remove the lids of the molds and apply pressure from the base.Because our molds have a smooth surface,you can easily wash them in the sink even throw them into the dishwasher for detailed cleaning.
  • EXTREMELY RICH IN THE BOX 🎁 We put 2 assistants in the box for you. Thanks to the removable lids, your ice cubes will stay away from odors in the refrigerator and will stay clean funnels will make your job more practical when filling sphere ice cube trays. In addition, thanks to the tongs, you can serve your frozen ice faster and continue your fun without a break.