Surface Mounted Heavy Duty Universal Espalier/Trellis Kit for Climbing Plants Vines

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  • Stylish horizontal espalier or diamond pattern espalier for growing fruit bearing trees or vines such as passionfruit, jasmine, clematis, bougainvillea or grow beans/peas vertically. Easy to assemble and re-tighten yourself using our how to guide
  • Very strong components are high grade UV resistant PVC and wont rust.
  • Includes 30 metres of stainless steel wire rope - enough to build a 4 metre x 1.9 metre horizontal espalier design or diamond espalier design
  • Makes an regular wall or fence into a work of art!
  • This kit is extendable
  • Number of Components: Anchors in capsules: 4 Anchor Platforms: 4 Hex head screws: (25mm) 8 Radial Wire Guides: 10 Hex Screws (40mm): 20 Tension Cap: 2 End Cap: 2 Wire in m (spooled) : 30m of 2mm '316' wire
  • The Espalier Surface Mounted Universal Kit is designed to create a 16ft (4.0M) x 6 ft (1.9m) panel in either a 4 wire horizontal or a diamond style. Originally, the art of espaliering was to train vines & trees to brick or stone walls because the masonry absorbed the sun’s heat and allowed for quicker ripening of fruit. Today, espaliers are created more for their ornamental beauty, and play a large part in garden decor all around the world. This Surface Mounted Espalier Kit is ideal for wall mounting and surface mounting on timber, concrete, brick etc. Each kit contains, aside from your poles, all components you will need to set up an espalier framework, making it a cost-effective way to be introduced to the art of Espaliering. The heavy duty 316 stainless steel wire of this kit allows for higher tension / heavy loading projects and is great for fruit trees