Talking Flash Cards Toddler Toys Sensory Toys for Autism Speech Therapy Toys for 1-6 Years

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【Toddler Talking Flash Cards Learning Toys】This talking flash cards toy contains 112 double-sided cards of 224 sight words, 22 themes: Alphabet x26; Number x13; Week x7; Month x12; Color x9; Animal x22; Family Members x6; Fruit x15; Place x18; Instrument x7; Orientation x4; Ball x4; Jobs x12; Food x15; Nature x8; Season x4; Clothes x13; Shapes x4; Vegetable x10; Transportation x9; Country x7. Children can read along with the pronunciation and learn sight words.
【Toddler Learning Montessori Toys】This talking flash cards are designed based on the educational philosophy of Montessori. With colorful cute images and interactive audio to stimulate children's learning interest, baby boys and girls can star to learn through independent exploration and interaction, instead of passively receiving education. Learn new vocabulary and knowledge while have fun.
【Autism Speech Therapy Toys for Toddlers】Auditable cognitive cards enhance their ability to recognize and interact with new things on the cards, suitable for autistic children and speech therapy sessions for children. It helps children improve their language skills and communication abilities, helping children with autism better understand and navigate the world around them. This is a valuable sensory tool for children with autism.