Therapeutic Hot and Cold Lavender Scented Wheat Neck Wrap

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  • HOT
  • EASY TO USE- Simply heat the neck wrap for pain in a microwave for 2 minutes for an organic heat pack to relieve muscle aches, and neck and shoulder tension. Store in the freezer for a cold pack that helps ease muscular cramps, sprains, and gets rid of unwanted bruises.
  • IDEAL FOR PAIN RELIEF THERAPY- This hot cold reusable therapy pack is perfect for serving a dual purpose as you’re essentially purchasing two products at a go! Ease your joint pain, arthritis pain, abdominal cramps, muscular sprains, neck and shoulder tension, and headaches and migraines with this pack.
  • SOOTHING LAVENDER SCENT- This cold therapy wrap is lavender-scented as we know, due to multiple studies and personal accounts, that aromatherapy using lavender helps in easing pain. Lavender also helps in reducing your anxiety and helping you feel calmer and more rested.