U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with Removable Washable Cover Maternity Long Body Pillow

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  • [GUYS / LADIES] The #1 thing you need is COMFORTABLE SLEEP during pregnancy for so many reasons. Our pillow is filled and sized to provide the right level of firmness and thickness for safe, soft and comfortable sleep. DOES NOT LOSE SHAPE OVER TIME
  • [SIDE or BACK SLEEP SUPPORT] Whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper it's VERY important your pillow provides the right level of support. Our ADJUSTABLE / REMOVABLE strap allows you to set the distance between the pillow legs to YOUR UNIQUE PREFERENCE. You get the right support for perfect SIDE SLEEP or BACK SLEEP positioning
  • [FITS MOST SIZES / HEIGHTS] Our pillow with the adjustable / removable leg strap fits ladies who are taller that 4 FEET 9 INCHES and shorter than 6 FEET 10 INCHES. If you fall outside of this height spectrum, our pillow may not provide the best fit and support needed. PLEASE NOTE YOUR HEIGHT before purchase
  • [COOL, WASHABLE COVER INCLUDED] Will last throughout your pregnancy and can easily be used after birth as a feeding / nursing pillow support. Washable cover means spills and accidents are easily cleaned, and cool fabric means you remain COMFORTABLE during sleep. Cover WILL NOT SHRINK when washed and dried as instructed
  • [GREAT FOR MOM and BABY] Only hypoallergenic materials are used in our pillows, covers and adjustable / removable straps. Great for mom and baby