Universal Paella Pan 28cm C Steel Polish, Metallic

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About this item

  • Create legendary paella with this authentic Spanish-made pan, for a supreme traditional cooking experience
  • Whether you’re creating a vegetarian, seafood or mixed meat masterpiece, Garcima’s high quality paella pans are designed to make cooking this delectable dish a breeze
  • Round, wide, low design allows food to cook quickly over high heat, angled sides make ingredients accessible for stirring, oversized handles enable easy transfer of food from cooktop to table
  • Instantly recognisable red-handled, hand-spun pan made of thin, high carbon polished steel that responds quickly to temperature changes
  • Suitable for use on electric and gas cooktops, outside on an open flame or charcoal grill. 28cm size produces approximately 4-6 serves at a time, perfect for cooking for family or friends