Upgraded Outdoor Exploration Kit with Toy Binoculars for Kids Outdoor Toys

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  • AN AMAZING NATURE EXCURSION AWAITS: Encourage a child to love the great outdoors! With this 7-in-1 outdoor exploration kit, he or she will love inspecting bugs with the toy magnifying glass and blowing the whistle to start the race!
  • COLORFUL CHILD BACKPACK AND ACCESSORIES: Everything your child needs to enjoy a family hiking or camping trip can be carried in the cute backpack or drawstring bag! Fill them with the included toy binocular for kids, pop top compass and kids’ flashlight!
  • A FUN KIDS ADVENTURE KIT: It’s sometimes hard to choose a 3to 12 year old’s toys that will hold their interest and it becomes even harder as he or she goes through preschool and elementary, but toys like this kids’ explorer kit encourage all kids to pretend their backyard is an expansive rainforest, national park or jungle!
  • ENCOURAGE LIFE LONG LEARNING: Enjoying outside activities with children fosters their imagination, creativity, respect and understanding of our environment and children’s knowledge expands with every journey, so give this adventure set as a gift and plan your next outside excursion together!
  • TOY SURVIVAL KIT FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: Outfit your kid with hiking gear that’s fun! They’ll enjoy time in nature with kid-size equipment similar to yours and they’ll explore for hours we guarantee it!