Versa PC-10 Cordless Cleaning Tool High-Speed Power Cleaner Kit Power Tools

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  • Power scrubber: Save time, Make surfaces shine and enjoy the results of your daily cleaning with the Dremel Versa high power scrubber; It spins fast for quicker results with less effort
  • Spin brush and pads: Best for scrubbing through stubborn grime and scum; Versa’s spin brush and pads are best at removing grime, mold, mildew, grease, soap scum, lime build up, bug splatter, gunk and rust or anywhere around the home
  • Versatile: This power cleaner is best for small hard to clean surfaces like: sinks, glass top and stove tops, oven windows, glass doors, microwaves, grout lines, bathtub handles, shower grout, tile, drains, wheels, shoes, golf clubs, boat cleanup, grills, vinyl Furniture, pots, pans, and any hard to clean surfaces
  • Efficient: Versa is an intuitive and easy to use cleaning system that is perfect for a broad range of surfaces; The specialized pads and brushes are great for indoor or outdoor and wet or dry applications around the home
  • Compact: With a waterproof and ergonomic design the Versa cleaning tool provides outstanding control and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • Versa PC-10 Cordless Cleaning Tool, High-Speed Power Cleaner Kit (with 3 Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pads, Bristle Brush and Splash Guard for Faster, Easier Cleaning and Scrubbing)