Video Baby Monitor, Vijoy 5 '' HD 1080P Display Monitor with Camera, 2-Way Audio Vox, 5200 mAh Battery, 1000ft Range

Video Baby Monitor, Vijoy 5 '' HD 1080P Display Monitor with Camera, 2-Way Audio Vox, 5200 mAh Battery, 1000ft Range

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  •  Auto Night Vision, Thermal Monitor, Cry Detection, Lullabies, Not Require WiFi
  • Crystal clear live stream of image and long life battery. With a 5 inch full 1080 HP display screen and a 355° horizontal and 110° vertical rotating camera, you will never miss any details of babys movement.Built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery lasts for 12hrs in display mode and 24hrs with the display turned off for full-day, no hassle to recharge the battery so often.1080P is 4 times clearer than 720P and 10 times clearer than 480P..
  • Robust connection and Privacy protection. Advanced digital transmission and data encryption technology allow more stable and security connection without using wifi and App. The external antenna allows the transmission range to expand up to 300m/1000ft in open area.
  • Clear night vision. With advanced FHD 1080p HiSilicon visual sensor and 10 built-in IR LED lights of the camera, you can still have a clear visual of your baby in the dark night.Built in 3 level sound sensor and alarm system, you can adjust to make sure it wake you up when baby crying at night.
  • Clear two way audio communication. with high-sensitivity built in microphone, the camera can catch any babys slightest sounds and you can comfort the baby with your voice remotely.
  • Easy to use and many more useful functions such as temperature monitoring,baby lullabies, feeding alarm clock. The baby monitors can be maximum paired up with 4 cameras. Our professional support team will be always there to address any issues you may have.

    Our large 5” portable handheld display has a crystal clear image which gives you more details of your loved ones. Not to mention the night time feature which automatically adjusts the light settings to give you a clear view even in the dark.


    Our new and improved design allowed us to insert a larger battery allowing for 12 hours of viewing while the display is on and up to 24 hours when the display is resting. When you need the monitor most it will be there. We’ve also improved our internal receiver, which means better image quality for up to 1000ft away!


    Our baby monitor features a two-way audio system so you can hear your baby and now with a push of a button, your baby can hear you. The baby monitor also includes temperature monitoring so that you can remotely keep an eye on your baby’s environment.