Washi Decorative Masking Tape for Scrapbooks, Journals, Photo Sticker DIY Decor and Craft Applied (8PCS 15MM Oil Paint Set)

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  • ❤ This Colored Craft Paper Tape comes with 8PCS (15MM) oil paint set. Masking Tape Set Life is Full of Originality and Happiness. Put Creativity in Your Hands with this Decorative Masking Tape! an excellent tape set for creative projects, cherry decorations and distinguished labeling job, adding particularity and art beauty.
  • ❤ Material:- These thin washy tape made of premium durable paper and sticky glue, it can works well for a long time on the smooth surface, more importantly, it will leave no trace when you remove it.
  • ❤ Unique Design: Decorative tape with a variety of fresh patterns, and the patterns are printed and dyed in a traditional way, not easy to fade, will be shining under the light or sun.
  • ❤ MULTIPLE USES:- These Masking decorative tapes, perfect for decorating your Christmas gifts, diaries, postcards, cards, envelopes, blackboards, children's rooms, making kaleidoscopes, labels, personal spaces and more! Perfect for kids, colorful tapes can grasp kids attention, not only bring their fun but also develop their imagination to create a special world.
  • ❤ Easy to Stick & Easy removal :- This multicolored Decorative tape sticks well on any clean surface and is also easy to remove with no residue left behind, leaving a clean and tidy place as new as before. The tape can be used on paper, objects and walls. Tape sticks securely to most surfaces and can be easily removed without causing damage.
  • ❤ Light-weight and gorgeous; Very convenient to use; Do not need scissors, can easily tear by hand.