Wearable AC Neck Air Cooler Portable Wearable Neck Air Cooler

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  • PORTABLE NECK AC WITH UNIVERSAL SIZE - Pure air goes where you go. Blaux Portable Neck Air Cooler is your very own personal wearable AC device. It creates a bubble of purified cool air around you and sits comfortably on your neck keeping you fresh and cool no matter the weather.
  • WEARABLE AIR COOLER WITH AIR FILTER - Take control of the air you breathe, the Blaux Wearable AC Neck Air Cooler includes an air filter and IONIZER that removes dust and pollutants from the air around you, so you always breathe pure air wherever you go.
  • PORTABLE AC FAN FACE COOLER - Precisely control your personal cooler with a built-in Silver Nitrate cooling plate that keeps you chilled down to 43F. Blaux Neck Cooler has 3 fan settings for even more cooling power, low for a soft breeze and high for an icy fresh blast.
  • USB AIR COOLER WITH RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Stay cool, calm, and disconnected. Blaux Personal Wearable AC keeps you chilled for up to 30 hours of non-stop wireless cooling and It’s USB chargeable with an integrated easy carry handle, making it perfect for the beach, walks, workouts, or wherever the wind takes you.
  • QUIET PORTABLE OUTDOOR AC - Blaux Portable AC neck cooler runs whisper-quiet, so it works just as well indoors as it does outdoors. You’ll never have to worry about any unnecessary noise, wear to the library, cinema, or anywhere you need come cooling comfort.
  • Wearable AC Neck Air Cooler - Portable Neck Fan and Personal AC Neck Cooler | Wearable Neck Fan | Wearable Air Cooler with Air Ionizer