Weighted Hula Hoops for Adults 8 Piece Detachable Fitness Hula Hoops

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  • 🔥Weight adjustable and detachable: Our weighted hoola hoop uses NBR foam and stainless steel tube. The appearance is comfortable and soft, and the overall sturdy and durable. The inner tube can be filled with metal balls, sand rice and grains to adjust its own weight. It weighs 1KG, can be adjusted up to 2.5kg, and has a diameter of 90cm. After disassembly, there are 8 Pieces.
  • ❤️Super soft foam: Soft, skin-friendly material that does not damage the skin. Our outer foam is NBR, which is softer than EVA. When the weighted hula hoops rotates, you can exercise your waist and abdomen and reduce weight. Hula hoop is an ideal fitness method for women, and it is also a meaningful gift for Mother's Day.
  • 😊Easy to assemble and use: Adult hula hoops can be assembled with the push of a button, which means once you hear the "click" sound, it means success. The sturdy stainless steel material prevents separation during use. Easy to store and carry to playgrounds, gardens,living rooms, gyms and other places.
  • 👍Scientific exercise:Hula hoop exercise is a relatively intense exercise. Rotating the hula hoop requires more calories. Moderate exercise can reduce weight and is an easy way to get a good figure. When practicing, the weight of exercise hoop can gradually change from 1kg, 1.2kg, 1.5kg to 2kg, 2.5kg. Following the scientific rules, the waist will become slimmer, which is good for aerobic exercise and dance training.
  • Weighted Hula Hoops for Adults,8 Piece Detachable Fitness Hula Hoops,Stainless Steel Core Adjustable Weight from 1kg-2kg Surface Foam Hoola Hoop,Exercise、Yoga、Slimming Aids
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