Pink Soft Hanging Bed Canopy for Girls or Boys

Pink Soft Hanging Bed Canopy for Girls or Boys

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About this item

  • CANOPY FOR GIRLS BED: Dusty Dirty Pink Canopy for a girls bedroom, or hang from ceiling bed curtains
  • HANGING CANOPY: Use as a Kids Bed Canopy for Girls, toddler bed canopy or as a Reading Nook Canopy
  • CRIB CANOPY: Stylish and Pretty, the ideal bed canopy for girls, nursery bed netting canopy for girls
  • HIGH QUALITY PRINCESS BED CANOPY: Soft Touch Beautiful Canopy Drapes, Slightly Sheer Pink Bed net
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Cotton Blend Crown Girls Bed Canopy has a strong loop and accompany hook screw. TURN YOUR CHILD'S ROOM INTO A PRINCESS PALACE: This beautiful slightly sheer bed canopy or tent is the perfect accessory for a child's bedroom. Extra long and flowing, this dusty pink fabric crowns any bed, crib or play area, providing a place for your little ones to seek privacy, role play, nap, or read. This soft pink canopy for girls bed is reminiscent of a style fit for a queen or princess.
  • Product Details: Dirty Pink Princess Bed Canopy Draping
    20% Cotton, 80% Polyester
    Wall Anchor, Ceiling Screw Hook
    Card Insert
  • The size:630 x 50 x 240 cm; 648 Grams